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about sonils

SONILS Sonangol - Integrated Logistic Services
The Magic of SONILS

Sonils has throughout managed to fulfill
the targets set across by the parent
organisation & our beloved country
  • In February 1993 the Board of Directors of SONANGOL (Angolan National Oil Company), conducted a feasibility study for the development for an Oil Service Center in Luanda , Angola . Based upon its knowledge of the Management and Logistical requirements of the Oil industry, the findings of the feasibility study and after lengthy negotiations, a long-term concession agreement was executed between SONANGOL and Port of Luanda for the development of an Oil Service Center , with SONILS,Lda being the appointed company to operate and develop the Luanda Oil Service Center .

  • The long-term concession agreement (up to 25 years) is enabling SONILS LDA to gradually develop the Oil Service Center so as to meet and provide to the Oil Producing Companies solutions to all of their operational and logistical requirements. With this concept and by complying with the compulsory rules and regulations laid down by the Port of Luanda, all cargo to transit through Customs bonded areas that are monitored and controlled by the local Authorities, an efficient and effective supply of materials and equipment is being guaranteed and maintained.

    SONILS (Sonangol Integrated Logistic Services) Lda is a Joint-Venture between SONANGOL and INTELS. The INTELS group is active in Oilfield logistics with operational bases throughout the West African Coast, offering a wide range of integrated logistic solutions, facilities and services to the Oil and Gas Industry.

    This partnership works nowadays as a true catalyst to the Oil and Gas industry in Angola, founding its activity on the dual role of SONANGOL, as policy implementation entity but also participating in E&P, recognizing the strategic importance of an Oil Service Center and defining a clear strategy of participating and promote high quality services; and on the large experience INTELS has on similar developments (Nigeria, Congo and Ivory Coast), defining a clear regional approach and developing the concept of positioning logistic supply bases within main port complexes.

    Initially created to develop the Luanda Logistic Base, SONILS has been quickly transformed into a much more ambitious project, with the development of a fully fledged Oil Service Center , with Industrial and Logistic Facilities and services able to support the ever increasing offshore developments of the Kwanza Basin.
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