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SONILS Sonangol - Integrated Logistic Services
The Magic of SONILS

Sonils has throughout managed to fulfill
the targets set across by the parent
organisation & our beloved country
Corporate Responsibility > Community & Society
Donation of Wheel Chairs to Boavista Community

In the last week of March 2007 wheelchairs were donated by Sonils to the Church/School of Boavista. This institute has been the link between Sonils and Boavista community. Ten wheelchairs were donated during this event. These wheelchairs will benefit the needy children and adults of the community

Christmas Campaign "Be a Santa Claus and Offer a Toy”

During the 4th Quarter of 2006, took place a campaign to acquire new and used toys, whereby the general objective of the campaign was to involve the Sonils staff, in the promotion of cooperation and awareness for the same cause. The specific objective was to foster good relations with the community of Boavista, more properly the Church/School. The campaign lasted for a month and managed to collect 217 toys which were delivered to the congregation priest of Boavista who promised to deliver to the smallest and most disadvantaged children, during the Christmas celebration. Being the first solidarity campaign, the general and specific objectives have been achieved; no one was indifferent to the campaign regardless of whether they participated or not, thus leaving open doors for future similar campaigns.
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