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If the support operation is managed from a Private Supply Base, the cargo must first transit through a Port, to comply with the necessary custom clearance before being released. Then the cargo is transferred to the Private Supply Base where it can than be supplied to the rig. This operation involves at least 4 stages of handling before cargo is received at the final destination (A5).

If the support operation is managed from Sonils, Lda Oil Service Centre, located within Luanda Port premises, the cargo is received directly at our base, whilst awaiting customs clearance, it can be inspected and atored/stacked. As soon as the cargo is released by the authorities it can be supplied directly to the final destination (rig, etc.). This operation involves only two stages of handling before the cargo is received at the final destination (B3).
The concept of an Oil Service Centre (OSC) has been fully developed in places like
Aberdeen and Stavanger in the North Sea, Morgan City in the Gulf of Mexico, and all over the world where there is petroleum activity. SONILS, having obtained permission from the relative authorities to create the Sonils OSC in the Port of Luanda, have created the facilities and infrastructure that is required by an OSC and now has the majority of the Oil Producing and Service Companies operating within Angola in its facility. The OSC offers a full range of services to the Oil and Gas Industry within the Region and provides each company present dedicated facilities and areas in which to manage and operate their business. These areas are connected to the OSC infrastructure which is completely self sufficient in terms of electricity, water, communications, catering facilities, transport etc.

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