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SONILS Sonangol - Integrated Logistic Services
The Magic of SONILS

Sonils has throughout managed to fulfill
the targets set across by the parent
organisation & our beloved country
Cargo Handling Services
Similar to Commercial Cargo, Oil and Gas related cargo is subject to customs clearance when imported. Oil and Gas Exploration and Production activity requires large capital investment, especially when the operations are offshore, even more when in Deepwater. According to several studies made by International Oil and Gas Companies, th total logistic costs account for between 25%-30% of all operational expenses.

In order to successfully minimize costs the following factors should be considered as primary objectives by the Oil and Gas Companies:
  • Regular shipping and air freight services.
  • Distances from the transit and shore marine bases to the Oilfield location.
  • Local Facilities and equipment to handle the materials.
  • Skilled and experienced personnel to coordinate and perform logistic operations.
  • Dedicated Facilities, Personnel and Equipment.
  • Agency for Support Vessels.
  • 24 Hour/7 Days a week operational capacity.
Sonils Lda Oil Service Center , situated in a strategical position (within the Port) near major oil and Gas field developments, provides a first class logistics solution for the Oil and Gas Industry. Receiving and supplying materials from the same base considerably reduces transportation and handling costs, whilst minimizing the risk of damage to the cargo. Oil and Gas related Companies receiving cargo at Sonils Lda. Oilfield Service Center can stock the material in their own dedicated areas and deliver to their final destination in a trouble-free fashion. The majority of Sonils Lda investment was aimed towards developing a concept that tackled the specific services required in a Supply Base or a Shore Marine Base:
  • Quay where several vessels can be handled simultaneously.
  • Dedicated Facilities, Personnel and Equipment.
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