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SONILS Sonangol - Integrated Logistic Services
The Magic of SONILS

Sonils has throughout managed to fulfill
the targets set across by the parent
organisation & our beloved country
Why Sonils
We are committed to ensuring that our employees know what is expected of them in their jobs and are helped to develop their capabilities through open and constructive conversations about their performance and their career direction.

Further, SONILS strives to ensure that all employees are recognized and competitively rewarded for their performance. We have an exciting and attractive career system, which generates feelings of security, recognition and appreciation of employees, enabling the most talented to progress and evolve with the company.

The virtual corporate training and development platform, aims to upgrade the skills and knowledge of our employees and prepares the internal talents for international work assignments. While defining the training programs, we takes into account the capabilities and aspirations of people as well as the present and future needs of the company.

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