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SONILS Sonangol - Integrated Logistic Services
The Magic of SONILS

Sonils has throughout managed to fulfill
the targets set across by the parent
organisation & our beloved country
Agency for Support Vessels
All movements of barges, tugs and support vessels in and out of the bases, plying Angolan channels and waterways, are subject to government Rules and Regulations. Compulsory booking and recording at the relative Authority agencies is required. Considering the daily cost of rig activity, it is essential that efficient and secure measures are taken while supplying materials to and from offshore operational areas. It is advantageous that the Base Operator is also the agent of these boats for the following reasons:

Due to the close working relationship with the authorities a quicker clearance of the vessels in and out of the base can be facilitated.

Better management of supply operations due to the coordination of the agency and the logistic activities at the base.

Port Bills collected on behalf of the client.
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